How to get a job at the holidays

Are you excited about Thanksgiving this year, or dreading it? Maybe you’re between jobs and not really feeling the spirit? Don’t despair and let it ruin your Thanksgiving and holiday season. With a little preparation and the right attitude, you…

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How to Make a Nurse Leader

Most people outside the health care industry believe that doctors are the leaders of medical staff, that doctors run health care facilities thanks to their extensive schooling and respected status. However, those devoted to working in hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers know that doctors do precious little to keep the industry running. Instead, the system needs leaders ― particularly nurse leaders ― to stay organized and efficient.

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Ask a Therapist: Checklist for a Difficult Boss

Think your Boss is a Jerk?  Today I’m exploring a common work-related counseling challenge. “I have a difficult boss. What should I do?” When I discussed this challenge with my husband he validated, “yes, boss being a jerk is the number one challenge people encounter at work that affects their mental health”. [Disclaimer, this is only […]

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