Ask a Therapist: 3 Lessons for Slowing Down in 2017

Reflecting on Slowing Down For the second time in my life, I received a transformative email message from a lifelong mentor and friend.  The message and subsequent messages to follow led to reflection and a deeper appreciation for my current professional situation, i.e., a great full-time job with a boss who not only supports and […]

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The most underrated skill

A lot of people don’t have this skill. In fact, in a corporate environment, the higher you go, fewer people you’ll see have this skill. Right now I’m dealing with a couple of senior executive colleagues who have essentially zero amount of this skill. It’s hard to get them to understand what is going on […] Read more ›

It is not about money

It’s not about making more money. I have very little interest in material things. I live in a small house. I drive a Honda that is several years old. As long as there is a computer, an internet connection and a coffee shop nearby, I’ll be pretty happy. However, I work really hard. I want […] Read more ›

HRsmart Customers Just Took Another Hit

Here’s the thing – this is where it helps to be able to “dial a friend”. If any company that bought HRsmart over the past few years had asked for our advisement, they would not be in the boat they’re in now. Read more ›