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You’ve Got Read This Book

Today is International Youth Day. Joan Posivy has chosen today to launch her great new book, The Way Success Works: Decide, Believe, Begin To Live Your Best Life. The book is written for…

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Vision Without Action Is a Daydream

My friends at Walk the Talk Company have published four of my books. The other day, they sent me an email discussing one of their new publications Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence. I do…

- 2 weeks, 3 days, 18 hours, 9 minutes ago

It’s Fun If You Say It Is

You probably know Russell Simmons. He’s a music, filmand TV producer, clothing entrepreneur and all around cool guy. Recently, I saw a great piece of advice from him……

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10 Ways to Improve Your Professional Writing – and Your Promotion Prospects

A couple of weeks ago, I featured a guest post from Kay Hutchings-Olssonon business writing. That post was so well received that I asked Kay to send another one my way. Here’s…

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How to Deal With Negative People Who Can Be a Drain on Your Self Confidence

My talk on self confidenceis by far the most requested of my presentations. I did one last week and have another scheduled for next week. It seems that lots of people are looking for…

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Your Personal Values Will Help You Make Important Life and Career Decisions

Shaka Smart is the mens Head Basketball Coach at the University of Texas. This will be his first season. He took the Texas job after six seasons at Virginia Commonwealth University,…

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Your Success GPS

I send a success quote to members of my career mentoring site every day. I didnt sent this one from George Herbert, a priest, but I think it makes a great point about life and career…

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Top Benefits of Working From Home

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What You Learn After You Know It All Is the Best Knowledge You Will Acquire

Members of my career mentoring site will tell you that I am a big believer in the poser of lifelong learning. Check out this article. It echoes my thoughts. I love the idea that…

- 1 month, 18 hours, 14 minutes ago

You’ve Got to Manage Your Career — No One Else Will

Members of my career mentoring site will tell you that the biggest myth when it comes to career success is thinking that good performance is enough, or that your work will speak…

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